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25 Trail-Tested Holiday Gifts for Hikers (2023 Gift Guide)

The ultimate 2023 holiday gift guide for hikers is here. Whether your loved one is a seasoned pro or just getting into hiking, you’ll find the perfect gift here. These 25 trail-tested holiday gifts for hikers features essential pieces of outdoor gear, along with some items that are sure to make their time outdoors more fun and enjoyable.

2023 Holiday Gifts for Hikers

I’m not a fan of buying things for the sake of buying things, so all of the gifts included on this list are practical pieces of outdoor gear and hiking clothing your favorite hiker is sure to use and love. I also selected hiking gear from outdoor brands that I know and trust, so you can rest assured your gift will be durable and hold up on the trail.

Outdoor gear can be expensive, so the holidays are a great time to help your friends and family members stock up on staple items. This list includes gifts at a variety of price points so you can find something that fits any budget!


Your Ultimate 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Hikers:

Gifts For Hikers: Under $50

Darn Tough Vermont Light Hiker Micro Crew Socks

Price: $24 | A pair of wool socks are a hiking essential in every season. They provide much needed warmth during winter months, while wool’s moisture wicking properties keep feel cool during the summer. While they’re fairly pricey for a single pair of socks, Darn Tough Vermont has a lifetime warranty, so know your gift will get good use.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

Price: $29 | Every hiker knows a reliable water filtration system is a must on a long day on the trail. The Sawyer Squeeze water filter is lightweight, easy to use, and can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water, so it’s a piece of hiking gear that can be used for years.

Moonwicks Candles Only Bad Bitches Go On Hikes Candle

Price: $22.99 | This hand-poured soy candle from Moonwicks Candles is the perfect present for your favorite badass hiker. While most hikers would probably prefer to spend all of their time on the trail, the reality is most of us spend a lot of time at home. This cozy hiking inspired candle will help evoke memories of the trail even when your favorite hiker is stuck inside.

Drunk Elephant Umbra Tint Face Sunscreen

Price: $36 | Hikers typically spend a lot of time in the sun, so a quality face sunscreen is a must. The Drunk Elephant Umbra Tint face sunscreen provides UV protection with a touch of color for a sun-kissed glow. This is my personal go-to face sunscreen for hiking and everyday wear!

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Price: $38-48 | The Lululemon belt bag is a hot gift for the 2023 holiday season, making it the perfect gift for your favorite trendy hiker. The bag comes in a variety of colors although the sonic pink (as shown) is definitely the most fun! It’s a piece that can be worn both on and off the trail so it’s a versatile gift that can be styled for different occasions.

Holiday gifts for hikers under $50.

Moonwicks Candles Candle $22.99 | Drunk Elephant Face Sunscreen $36 | Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter $29 | Darn Tough Vermont Socks $24 | Lululemon Belt Bag $38-48

Gifts For Hikers: $50-150

Eno SingleNest Hammock (1 Person)

Price: $54.95 | There are few things better than hiking up to a lake or viewpoint and taking in a stunning view. Now imagine making that scene a little sweeter by taking the view in from the comfort of a hammock. This 1 person hammock from Eno won’t add much weight to a pack and makes a great gift for a hiker who enjoys relaxing and taking it easy on the trail.

S.O.L Camp Ready Survival Kit

Price: $76.99 | This survival kit from S.O.L. comes with everything you need to spend an unexpected night in the backcountry, including shelter, warmth, navigation, and bathroom essentials. It’s a great holiday gift for a newer hiker who is still in the process of building a hiking kit with all of the 10 essentials.

CLIQ Portable Camp Chair

Price: $129.99 | A lightweight camp chair is a great piece of luxury backpacking gear for long treks in the wilderness. This chair from CLIQ is made from aluminum and designed to be easily put together, while packing down compactly. It can be used on day hikes, backpacking trips, and camping trips, making it a great gift for your outdoorsy friend or loved one.

Rumpl Puffy 1-Person Blanket

Price: $125 | A cozy blanket is great to have while hiking during cooler months if you plan on stopping to enjoy the view. Rumpl’s puffy 1-person blanket is the perfect size to carry in a larger day pack, but they also make larger sizes if you’re looking for a blanket that can be shared.

America the Beautiful Pass

Price: $80 | Give the gift of a year’s worth of access to every national park in the U.S., plus other federal fee areas in national forests and on BLM land. An America the Beautiful Pass is the ultimate gift for a hiker who loves to explore public lands in the United States. This pass easily helps me save over a thousand dollars in entrance and parking fees each year, so it’s easy to get your money’s worth!

S.O.L. Survival Kit $76.99 | Rumpl Puffy Blanket $125 | Eno Hammock $54.95 | CLIQ Camp Chair $129.99 | America the Beautiful Pass $80

Gifts For Hikers: Splurge ($150+)

Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe

Women’s Price: $159.95 | Men’s Price: $179.95 | Help your favorite hiker hit the trail all winter with a pair of high-quality snowshoes. These snowshoes from Tubbs are a great holiday gift for beginner hikers looking to adventure in the mountains during the winter.

Black Diamond Pursuit Trekking Poles

Price: $169.95 | Trekking poles are a game-changing piece of hiking gear, especially if your favorite hiker likes steep trails or has bad knees. These Black Diamond trekking poles are what I would consider the Cadillac of hiking poles. They’re lightweight, but also made for comfort, which is something most lightweight gear lacks.

Nocs Provisions Waterproof Binoculars

Price: $175 | You never know when a pair of binoculars will come in handy on a hike. From bird watching, to route finding, to scoping out hidden gems, a pair of Nocs Provisions binoculars make a fantastic present for hikers.

Osprey Poco Child Carrier Backpack

Price: $299.95 | If you know any new parents who want to get outdoors and hike with their baby, then a child carrier backpack will make a fantastic gift. Cost is a common barrier to entry when it comes to getting outdoors, especially once young children are involved, so getting an Osprey Poco backpack can provide big financial relief if you’re looking to splurge on a hiking gift.

Garmin inReach mini 2

Price: $399.99 | Splurging on a Garmin inReach mini 2 for your favorite hiker is the ultimate sign of love. This emergency GPS & communication device helps hikers communicate with emergency officials and sends messages and location pins, so you can keep in touch when your loved one is deep in the backcountry.

Holiday gifts for hikers over $150.

Nocs Provisions Binoculars $175 | Tubbs Snowshoes Women’s $159.95 | Black Diamond Trekking Poles $169.95 | Garmin Emergency GPS $399.99 | Osprey Child Carrier Backpack $299.95

Gifts For Hikers: Hiking Clothing

Patagonia Bivy Hooded Vest- Women’s

Price: $189.00 | The Patagonia Bivy hooded vest is a functional and stylish piece of hiking clothing for your favorite granola girl. The vest made with recycled goose and duck down to stay warm on a winter hike while looking cute on the trail.

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress

Price: $100 | The Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress is perfect for a trendsetting hiker who likes to look good and feel good. The dress comes with adjustable straps and built-in shorts with a grippy liner so they won’t ride up while your favorite hiker is strutting down the trail.

Black Diamond Alpenglow Hoody

Women’s Price: $95 | Men’s Price: $95 | A sun shirt is a game changing piece of hiking clothing, especially for hikers in warm or high altitude climates. This Black Diamond sun shirt is lightweight, breathable, and designed to have a flattering fit. My husband bought one for me as a gift a few years ago and it has been a staple piece of hiking clothing ever since!

Danner Mountain 600 Hiking Boots

Women’s Price: $189.95 | Men’s Price: $209.95 | A pair of red-laced Danner Mountain hiking boots are a classic piece of gear that any hiker will appreciate receiving this holiday season. These hiking boots are comfortable and durable, so they’re the perfect gift for a hiker looking to venture on more rugged trails.

Patagonia Reclaimed Fleece Jacket 

Women’s Price: $149 | Men’s Price: $169.00 | The Patagonia reclaimed fleece jacket makes a great holiday present for a sustainably minded hiker. Not only is this classic piece extremely comfortable, it can be worn on and off the trail, so it’s sure to become a closet staple.

Holiday gifts for hikers hiking clothing.

Patagonia Fleece Jacket Men’s $169 | Danner Boots Men’s $209.95 | Black Diamond Sun Shirt Women’s $95 | Outdoor Voices Dress $100 | Patagonia Vest Women’s $189

Gifts For Hikers: Stocking Stuffers

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash

Price: $4.95 | Help your favorite hiker stay clean on the trail by adding a container of Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash to their stocking. This biodegradable soap has a variety of different uses, including personal hygiene and dish washing making it a great functional gift.

Ignik Outdoors Toe Warmers

Price: $1.99 | A pair of toe warmers from Ignik Outdoors makes an affordable and thoughtful stocking stuffer for a friend who enjoys hiking in the winter. They’re a low cost gift that packs a lot of value.

Adventure First Aid Medical Kit 1 oz.

Price: $16.99 | Adventure First Aid Medical Kit makes first aid kits in a variety of sizes, but the 1 oz. kit is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. A well-stocked first aid kit is a must on the trail, so this is a great gift for a beginner hiker who may not have one yet.

Silicone Ring: Enso Rings

Price: $39.99 | If you’re looking for the perfect gift for newlyweds who like to hike, then get them a pair of Enso silicone rings. Enso rings come in a variety of colors and designs, and are made from durable silicone so they can withstand any adventure.

Lululemon City Adventurer Nano Backpack

Price: $34 | Before you say “Kate, this is a very impractical hiking backpack,” hear me out. Over the summer I ran into a woman hiking with her dog who had his own little Lululemon nano backpack to carry his dog poop. Yes, his dog poop. This holiday gift is a simple and chic solution to an inevitable problem all dog owning hikers face.

Holiday gifts for hikers, featuring stocking stuffers.

Ignik Outdoors Toe Warmers $1.99 | Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash $4.95 | Enso Silicone Ring $39.99 | Lululemon City Adventurer Nano Backpack $34 | Adventure First Aid Medical Kit 1 Oz. $16.99

I hope you found inspiration with these holiday gift ideas for hikers!

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